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Featured Products

We offer hundreds of training resources covering multiple subject areas. Here’s a sample of some of our most popular resources that support trainers and learners alike.

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What training products do we provide?


The most traditional method of learning is still popular today. We offer books ranging from induction level through to Level 4 (Advanced). Bespoke/customised services are available on some books too.

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These aren’t just educational, they’re entertaining and memorable, with some including stars such as Tony Robinson and Philippa Forrester.

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Training presentations

The perfect solution to classroom delivery. These can be downloaded and edited, ready for you to present them to your class, confident that you’re covering all the learning outcomes of their course.

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We produce award winning e-learning courses and offer both compliance and short courses that are ideal to be used alongside or instead of traditional courses.

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Training aids and card games

We’ve found that training is far more effective when it’s fun and interactive. Why not start your course off with a card game or let your learners try out one of our first-aid training devices?

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If your learners are taking apprenticeships, traineeships or stand-alone qualifications, these kits are perfect for them. They can even cover specific pathways based on your learner’s chosen route.

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Care Certificate

Highfield e-learning’s course to support the Care Certificate has been given official endorsement by Skills for Care.

The e-learning has been given the prestigious ‘Approved e-programme’ mark, while Highfield has been awarded ‘Recognised Provider’ status as part of Skills for Care’s Endorsement Framework.

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