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If you would like to speak directly with a Highfield representative please call 0845 2260350.

Guidelines for submitting your logo

To ensure your logo appears at the best possible quality, please follow the guidelines listed below.


Quality (resolution) of logo

Logos should be supplied at 300dpi (resolution). If they are supplied at a lower resolution, the quality of the final print will be affected. Please note logos used on websites are created at lower dpi¹s, e.g. 72dpi. These are unsuitable for printing material.



Ideally, logos should be supplied in CMYK colour mode (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). The RGB (Red, Green, Blue) format was created to represent colours on-screen and is not suitable for litho printing. RGB logos can be accepted, however, a conversion from RGB will be made (you will be informed if this is the case). In some cases slight colour variations can occur.


File Format

Ideally, logos should be supplied as EPS files. TIFF files are acceptable as are JPEG files. However, JPEGs must be supplied at the maximum resolution 300pdi. Logos supplied embedded in documents, for example Word/PowerPoint are unsuitable and cannot be accepted as they will be of poor quality.


Fonts and typestyles used within logos

If your logo incorporates the use of a font/typestyle, please ensure the font has been converted to curves/graphic, i.e. the text is made into an outline.


Graphics within logos

If your logo incorporates the use of a graphic, photograph, Clipart or illustration, please ensure you have full copyright ownership and/or permission to use the image for this purpose. By submitting a logo you acknowledge that this is the case.


If you are unsure about any of the above guidelines please speak with a member of the Highfield Sales Team on 0845 2260 350 who will be happy to answer any further questions.