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Meet the team

Meet the team

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Shattered Lives Campaign is back

The Numbers

  • The cost to society alone of slips, trips and falls from height is 800 million per year
  • Over 10,000 employees suffered a major injury as a result of a slip or trip during 2008/9
  • Over 4,000 employees suffered a major injury as a result of a fall from heights in 2008/9

(Source HSE)

slipThe questions

Is the high incidence of slips, trips and falls from height due to employers really not caring?

Is the high incidence of slips, trips and falls from height due to employees having no pride and allowing a workplace to be hazardous?

Is the high incidence of slips, trips and falls from height due to managers and supervisors not knowing how to manage or supervise?

Is the high incidence of slips, trips and falls from height due to employers making a decision that repairs are more expensive than claims?

Or is it a combination of all of the above?


The law

It could be that it is only the “Workplace” regs. What about if it was Manual Handling regs, COSHH or RIDDOR? Would the same lack of priority across all organisations be the same?

The law, however, covers the slips, trips and falls extensively and not “wanting to preach to the converted” it is worth doing a refresher.

Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974
General Duties of Employers, Employees and others, including:
Provide a safe place of work
Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

Provision of information, instruction, supervison and training
The requirement to carry out risk assessments

Safety Representatives and Safety Committee Regs 1978 and Health and Safety (Consultation with Employees) regs 1996

Employers must consult with employees on matters relating to their health and safety.

Construction (Design and Management) regs 2007

Duty on designers to ensure that every workplace they design complies with the requirements of the Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) regs 1992

Personal Protective Equipment at Work regs 1992

Specific duty to ensure that footwear provided is suitable for use, this includes
ensuring compatibility

lawControl of Substances Hazardous to Health regs 2002

Effective control of dust to ensure they do not present a slip hazard.

Provision and Use of Work Equipment regs 1998

Maintenance of equipment to prevent leaks.
Chosing the right equipment for the job.

and the icing on the cake ...

Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) regs 1992

This is a short overview of some of the regulations it includes:

  1. Inside floors should be capable of being kept sufficiently clean
  2. SFAIRP waste should not be allowed to accumulate except in suitable receptacles
  3. SFAIRP every floor and walkway should be clear of slip, trip or fall hazards
  4. Every floor shall be constructed to be fit for purpose
  5. In a workplace every floor, traffic route and walkway should not have holes or slopes or be uneven or slippery, exposing people to health and safety risks (I did keep that one in full; it is my favourite!)
  6. Every floor shall have effective means of drainage where necessary
  7. The workplace should have suitable and sufficient lighting
  8. Stairs should have handrails and guards should be provided where necessary


Maintain 8

Those specific regulations are my “Maintain 8” and I challenge anyone to tell me that it wouldn’t improve the situation and I am happy to maintain dialogue on this matter.

I feel that all those involved in the managing of a workplace need to focus their attention sometimes to the slips, trips and fall hazards and really make all efforts to ensure the safety of all those who may be present there.

Don’t forget to check out the HSE website at www.hse.gov.uk it is a great source of reference and a useful refresher tool.

I would be interested to receive your comments on any of the above, so please email me at mwordsworth@highfield.co.uk and I will do a follow up in the next newsletter.

Martin Wordsworth
Health and Safety Manager
Highfield.co.uk Ltd



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