Apprenticeship Standard (Level 3) Customer Service Specialist Apprenti-kit
Level 3 (Intermediate/Supervising)

The Level 3 Customer Service Specialist Standard is designed for apprentices who work as professionals in direct customer supporting roles in a variety of different sectors and organisation types. Customer service specialists may work in different environments including contact centres, retail, webchat, the service industry or any customer service point.

This Apprenti-kit has been designed to support apprentices taking this standard.


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Product overview

Customer service specialists are advocates for customer service and act as a referral or escalation point for dealing with complex and technical issues, requests, complaints and queries. Responsibilities include sharing their knowledge on products and services with their colleagues and the wider team, gathering, analysing and using data and customers’ information to influence change and service improvements, and utilising the organisational and generic IT systems to carry out their role, being aware of the other digital technologies.

This Apprenti-kit has been written to support the required knowledge, skills and behaviours of the Level 3 Customer Service Specialist Standard. It covers wide-ranging, sector-based activities to support and enhance learners' understanding and achievement.

Included in the Apprenti-kit is a welcome booklet designed to give the learner, employer and tutor an understanding of the new apprenticeship standards, advising them on what is required from each of them throughout the apprenticeship journey.

The topics covered in the welcome booklet are as follows:

  • roles and responsibilities within the new apprenticeship framework
  • the new apprenticeship standards explained
  • initial assessment
  • on-programme training
  • gateway
  • end-point assessment and grading
  • learner evaluation/reflection
  • progression/next steps

The kit also includes a guide to end-point assessment and both a textbook and workbook for each of the mandatory knowledge and skills modules, as well as for the required behaviours for this standard.

The following modules are included within the kit:

  • business and business-focused service delivery
  • customer journey and providing a positive customer experience
  • knowing your customers and their needs and working with your customers /customer insight
  • customer service culture and environmental awareness and customer service performance
  • service improvement
  • behaviours

This Apprenti-kit is also available as an e-kit. For more information, call us on 01302 363277 to speak to a member of the Account Management team, who will be happy to help.

Please note: you will receive your Apprenti-kit(s) within 5 working days of your order being placed.

Product details

There are two versions of this Apprenti-kit available the standard kit which contains the following:

  • Welcome booklet
  • Text and workbooks for modules each module
  • Skills and behaviours activity pack
  • A guide to command verbs
  • End-point assessment support brochure

The Apprenti-kit PLUS which enhances the apprentices experience further and provides additional on-programme support made up of:

  • Health & wellbeing book
  • Safeguarding booklet
  • A choice of 5 e-learning short courses*

*Please note – if you are ordering the Apprenti-kit PLUS you will be contacted by our sales team after you have completed the checkout process, so they can confirm your 5 chosen e-learning modules.

Please choose 5 from the following:

  • Communication
  • Equality & Diversity
  • GDPR
  • Introduction to Fraud and Fraud Prevention
  • Introduction to the Bribery Act
  • Managing Conflict
  • Self-Awareness & Personal Development
  • Team Working