Ban The Bugs - Basic Food Hygiene & Good Practice
Level 1 (Induction)
Food poisoning is a very unpleasant illness that can have serious consequences, especially for the young, the elderly or people on medication. The incidence of food poisoning is far too high and frequently results from mistakes made while preparing food. Fortunately, food poisoning can be prevented by following a few basic rules that are outlined in Ban the Bugs in an interesting and entertaining way. This is the first professionally produced food safety movie for persons with learning difficulties.

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Product overview

Ban the Bugs was produced in conjunction with Cambridgeshire County Council Social Services Department and features people with learning difficulties demonstrating good hygiene practice.

This movie provides practical advice and a common sense approach to food safety, which is intended to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

Topics covered include:

  • causes of food poisoning
  • shopping
  • good hygiene practices
  • thawing, cooking and cooling food
  • personal hygiene
  • effective storage
  • satisfactory cleaning
Product details
  • Title: Ban the Bugs: Basic Food Hygiene & Good Practice
  • Producer: Richard A. Sprenger
  • Format: DVD
  • Duration: 16 minutes