Ban The Bugs - In The Home
Level 1 (Induction)
Food poisoning is a very common and unpleasant illness that can have serious consequences, especially for the young, the elderly or people on medication. Hundreds of millions of people will suffer the effects of food poisoning this year. Often food poisoning can be traced back to mistakes made while preparing food at home. This food safety movie outlines the basic rules that should be followed in the home to help prevent food poisoning. Ban the Bugs tackles these rules in a fun, interactive and interesting way.

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Product overview

The movie provides practical advice and a common sense approach to food safety, which is intended to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

Topics covered include:

  • what brings food poisoning germs into the kitchen
  • how germs are spread about the kitchen
  • safe shopping
  • effective cleaning
  • personal hygiene and handwashing
  • preparing, cooking and storing food safely
  • the important food safety rules
Product details
  • Title: Ban the Bugs In The Home
  • Producer: Richard A. Sprenger
  • Format: DVD
  • Duration: 16 minutes