Cards4Safety Level 2 Food Safety - Definitions
Level 2 (Foundation)

Highfield is proud to introduce the Cards4Safety Level 2 Food Safety Definitions Game, the fun-to-use group training solution. These engaging and attractive card games will bring an aspect of fun to your food safety training course.

1 - 4£10.00
5 - 10£6.30

All prices are per unit and are exclusive of VAT and shipping.

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Product overview

Cards4Safety are a fun-to-use group food safety training solution. An attractive and engaging design brings an aspect of fun to any classroom session.

They can be used as reinforcement and revision or as an alternative to a mock examination.

Style = Definitions - half contain food safety words, half contain definitions. Match the definition to the word.


Product details

Our full-colour card games support entertaining group activities and can invigorate training sessions.