Cards4Safety Level 2 Health & Safety Q&A Game
Level 2 (Foundation)

Highfield is proud to introduce the Cards4Safety Level 2 Health & Safety Q&A Game, the fun-to-use group training solution. These engaging and attractive card games will bring an aspect of fun to your health & safety training course.

1 - 4£10.00
5 - 10£6.30

All prices are per unit and are exclusive of VAT and shipping.

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Product overview

Cards4Safety are a fun-to-use group health & safety training solution. An attractive and engaging design brings an aspect of fun to any classroom session.

They can be used as reinforcement and revision or as an alternative to a mock examination.

These Cards4Safety come in the format of Question & Answers - half contain questions, half contain answers. Learners must match the questions & answers.

Product details

Our full-colour card games support entertaining group activities and can invigorate training sessions.