A Case of Ignorance
Level 3 (Intermediate/Supervising)

A Sherlock Holmes style adventure that can be used to expound the principles of food poisoning prevention. This food safety movie is ideal for use on its own, as a refresher training session, or as part of a level 3 food safety course. A well-written, entertaining and thought-provoking movie.


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Product overview

A Case of Ignorance is a well-devised screenplay, filmed in an authentic historical setting to a scenario that faithfully follows the style of the master. The plot leads the viewer through the intricate maze of the circumstances that lead to a major food poisoning outbreak.

This food safety movie features brilliant acting and is constructed in a way that creates a lively, entertaining and highly instructive training resource. 

Product details
  • Title: A Case of Ignorance
  • Producer:Richard A. Sprenger
  • Format: DVD
  • Duration: 15 minutes