The Effective Auditing & Inspection Skills Book
Level 3 (Intermediate/Supervising)

This book, written by Professor Chris Griffith, has been designed for persons involved with, or learning about, the inspection of food businesses. It is particularly useful for supervisors and managers who are involved in internal inspections and for auditors or inspectors involved in third-party audits and inspections.

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Product overview

Regular audits and inspections of food businesses are a necessity to identify potential risks and hazards and take steps to mitigate against them.

This book has been written to provide the foundation of knowledge that is essential for good inspections and audits and supports the most important on-the-job training delivered by experienced auditors and inspectors.

The topics covered in this book include:

  • overview to effective auditing and inspection
  • auditing and inspection skills/knowledge, including equipment and checklists
  • planning/preparation, the audit process, opening/closing meetings and corrective actions
  • responding to customers' problems or complaints
Product details
  • Title: Effective Auditing & Inspection Skills
  • Author: Professor Chris Griffith 
  • Pages: 48
  • ISBN: 978-1-912633-28-9
  • Illustrations: Full colour illustrations & photos
  • Format: A5 firmback, gloss finish
  • Published: 2019, 4th Edition 
Product updates
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