The Essentials of Food Safety - A Guide for Food Handlers
Level 1 (Induction)

This induction level, mainly pictorial, full-colour booklet provides simple-to-follow lessons on the importance of food hygiene. It is designed for use as part of a staff induction training programme for those new to the food industry.

Written by Richard Sprenger, The Essentials of Food Safety – A Guide for Food Handlers, is an ideal training resource to provide new employees with before they start, or on their first day of work.

The book provides clear guidance on the essential rules of food safety that must be followed by anyone who works with, or near, food.

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Product overview

The book provides easy-to-follow and understandable instructions, with minimal text, through clear and amusing illustrations.

The topics covered by this booklet include:

  • germs & food poisoning
  • personal hygiene
  • clean as you go
  • temperature control
  • food preparation/cooking
  • general food safety

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Product details
  • Title: The Essentials of Food Safety - A Guide for Food Handlers
  • Author: Richard A Sprenger
  • Pages: 20
  • ISBN: 978-1-910964-46-0
  • Illustrations: Full colour illustrations throughout
  • Format: A5 paperback, gloss finish