The Food Aliens
Level 3 (Intermediate/Supervising)

This food safety movie focuses on one of the major hazards – contamination. The movie looks at contamination whether it’s bacterial contamination that results in food poisoning, or physical or chemical contamination that result in significant fines and adverse publicity. Examples of bad practices that result in direct and indirect contamination are provided. The short film includes the main contamination hazards from delivery to service, which will also assist food handlers in understanding the basics of this part of hazard analysis.

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Product overview

The topics covered by this video include:

  • bacterial and physical contamination
  • chemical contamination
  • sources of and prevention of contamination
  • vehicles and routes of contamination
  • examples of bad hygiene practices
  • the basics of hazard analysis
Product details
  • Starring: Tony Robinson
  • Presented by: Philippa Forrester
  • Producer: Richard A. Sprenger
  • Director: Gordon Campbel
  • Format: DVD
  • Duration: 16 minutes