Food Safety Made Simple (Commercial Version) Training Presentation
Level 1 (Induction)

The food industry attracts a workforce from a wide range of demographics and countries, meaning there are many people working within the industry who speak English as a second language, and to varying levels.

The Food Safety Made Simple training presentation is an engaging and interactive resource that is loaded with illustrations and images that clearly present key learning points. The presentation uses few words, and where words are used they are kept to short, simple sentences in plain English.

The presentation is ideal for working with employees within a business who speak English as a second language and may have difficulty reading English. It is designed to encourage learners’ engagement while offering an excellent value resource for trainers.

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Product overview

The topics covered by this presentation include:

  • introduction to food safety
  • safe handling and storage of food
  • personal hygiene
  • cleaning

The Food Safety Made Simple (Commercial Version) training presentation is especially suited for delivering training to mixed language groups.

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Product details
  • Title: Food Safety Made Simple (Commercial Version) Training Presentation
  • Author: Richard A Sprenger
  • Format: Digital Download