Food Safety4U
Level 2 (Foundation)

This movie is a useful resource that can help engage even the most reluctant learner.

This food safety video uses fun scenarios that make even the most complex of subjects easy to understand. 

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Product overview

At Highfield we’re passionate about food safety. We’re the market leader when it comes to regulated food safety qualifications and believe that our supporting resources play a vital role in maintaining that position.

We produce interactive and memorable resources that aid the delivery of food safety training. 

Topics covered in this video include:

  • introduction to food safety
  • microbiological hazards
  • temperature control
  • food poisoning and control
  • contamination hazards and controls
  • checking food temperatures
  • personal hygiene
  • food premises and equipment
  • food pests and controls
  • cleaning and disinfection
  • food safety law and enforcement

Narrated by the actress, and voice over specialist, Dervla Kirwan. 

Product details
  • Title: Food Safety4U
  • Producer: Richard Sprenger
  • Format: DVD
  • Duration: 40 minutes