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Available Formats

Employability-kit: Level 1

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Mandatory units:

  • Self-assessment, Level 1 - A/503/2836

Select your optional units:

Please select up to a maximum of 15 optional units.

Employability - Level 1

Highfield is pleased to announce the introduction of Highfield's Employability-kits. These kits accompany and support the delivery and assessment of employability qualifications.

Employability qualifications are available for learners who are new to the employment market and are actively seeking employment, who are changing careers or who have taken a career break to care for children for example. They provide individuals with the knowledge and understanding needed to enhance their success in employment in a range of different occupational sectors.

Employability-kits enhance the learning experience for those completing an employability qualification. They provide an individual learning resource, as centres can choose from a wide selection of optional units to create the Employability-kits for their learners. Each unit in the kit contains a textbook (with engaging content to develop the learner’s knowledge) and a workbook (with activities to support assessment of the learner’s knowledge).

To build and order your own Employability-kit, please click on the Build My Kit button on the left and select your chosen option units from the list provided. You will be able to add as many different Employability-kits as you wish to your basket. All Level 1 Employability-kits will include the mandatory self-assessment unit and a maximum of 15 optional units can be included in each kit.  


1-4 Units £29.95
5-8 units £35.95
9-12 units £39.95
13-16 units £45.95

Please note: All prices are per pack and are exclusive of shipping. Also be aware that in some instances Employability-kits may take up to 5 working days before they can be dispatched based on quantities ordered.

Employability-kits support those learners undertaking employability or personal development qualifications.