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ERR Workbook

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Apprenticeships - ERR Workbooks

This workbook covers employee rights and responsibilities - including everything an employee needs to know about their rights, where to go for help and support and what their employer expects from them.

Topics covered include:  

  •         Introduction to health and safety law
  •         Accidents and injuries
  •         Fire
  •         Manual handling
  •         Risk assessment and training
  •         Control of substances hazardous to health
  •         First aid
  •         Equality and diversity

 The information provided in this publication is a mandatory component of all apprenticeship frameworks. 

This workbook maps fully to the 9 ERR National Outcomes and also the new ERR Unit L/506/1905.  Any learner that successfully completes this workbook will have completed the ERR component of any Skills CFA SASE Apprenticeship Framework.


ERR Workbook £3.65

Please note: All prices are per unit and are exclusive of shipping. Prices quoted are for UK customers only. If you are a centre in the Middle East or Asia please contact your Centre Manager or email customerservices@highfieldinternational.com for further information.

This publication has been written to support the intermediate and advanced apprenticeship frameworks. 

Update added in September 2015

Product Updates

The recent changes that have been made to the ERR Workbook are summarised below:

Page 4 – The sentence ‘In the activity below are the regulations that mainly concern the correct and proper use of a lift truck are commonly used in Health and Safety’ and now reads ‘In the activity below are the regulations that are commonly used in Health and Safety’.

Page 7 – The image related to Health and Safety law has been removed on the page, as has the following sentence - ‘You should be familiar with our health and safety policy and the ‘Health and Safety Law’ poster.

Page 9 – The text has been deleted that reads - ‘Get to know your fire extinguishers and how to use them correctly’. It has been replaced with the sentence - ‘Employees should receive formal training by the employer regarding the use of fire extinguishers. Please also see page 10 of this workbook.’

Page 11 – The text that read ‘Get a firm grip; keep the back straight’ has been replaced with ‘Get a firm grip, keep the back slightly flexed.’

Page 15 - In the main body of text the worded ‘Safety’ has been added to ‘Safety Information’ in bold in the text. The title ‘Safety Signs’ has also been changed to Hazardous substance labelling.’

Page 16 – Two of the Hazardous Substance Labelling images have been updated.

Page 30 – The following section has been added to the page:

Employers Expectation

It is important that you clearly understand your employer’s expectations for their employees. In the space below write down why this is important.

Under the headings below write down your employer’s expectations for their employees standards in terms of personal presentation, punctuality and behaviour:

Personal presentation



Page 31 – We have added the following question to the page:

What are the career pathways in your organisation or industry? Give a brief description below:

The following task has also been added:

Using the table below identify your career progression plan, indicating the job you would like and how and when you would like to get there. You can do this for one career progression or as many times as you wish.

Also, the following task:

It is important that you discuss your progression at regular intervals and are aware of opportunities available to you.

My point of contact is

Has been amended to:

It is important that you review your progression at regular intervals and are aware of the opportunities available to you.

In the column below identify a number of internal and external sources of information to support this:

Page 33 (new page content) – The following text has been added:

It is important to know where you can go for information and advice on your industry, occupation and training.

Next to the headings below (1) state where you can go for information and advice and (2) for each example state what their main roles and responsibilities are:

Your industry

Your occupation

Your training

Page 35 – The following text has been deleted from this page:

Are there any other organisations which are specific to the industry in which you operate that may be able to provide specialist support and advice?

Update added in May 2015