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Apprenticeship Standard Level 2 Healthcare Support Worker

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The Level 2 Healthcare Support Worker Standard is designed for learners who work as part of a team providing high quality and compassionate care to individuals, and who report to a senior or registered healthcare practitioner. These roles may be in a range of healthcare settings, such as hospitals, community clinics or health centres, individuals’ homes, nursing/care homes, hospices, mental health settings and GP surgeries. Job titles may include healthcare assistant, healthcare support worker, nursing assistant or nursing auxiliary. Key responsibilities will include clinical duties such as monitoring individuals’ conditions, checking and reporting on progress, supporting people’s comfort and wellbeing, and non-clinical duties such as recordkeeping, maintaining a clean environment and cleaning and returning equipment that has been used for clinical procedures.

This Apprenti-kit has been written to support the required knowledge, skills and behaviours of the Level 2 Healthcare Support Worker Standard. It covers wide-ranging sector-based activities to support and enhance learners' understanding and achievement.

Included in the Apprenti-kit is a welcome booklet designed to give the learner, employer and tutor an understanding of the new apprenticeship standards, advising them on what is required from each of them throughout the apprenticeship journey.

There are two versions of this Apprenti-kit available the standard kit which contains the following:

  • Welcome booklet
  • Textbook and workbooks for each module
  • A guide to command verbs
  • End-point assessment support brochure

The Apprenti-kit PLUS enhances the apprentices experience further and provides additional on-programme support made up of:

  • Health & wellbeing book
  • Safeguarding booklet
  • A choice of 5 e-learning short courses*

*Please note – if you are ordering the Apprenti-kit PLUS you should insert your 5 chosen modules in the special instruction box before completing the checkout process.
Please choose 5 from the following – Communication, Equality & Diversity, GDPR, Introduction to Fraud and Fraud Prevention, Introduction to the Bribery Act, Managing Conflict, Self-Awareness & Personal Development, Team Working.

The textbook and workbooks cover the following modules:

  • communication
  • health intervention
  • health intervention – person-centred care and support
  • health intervention – dementia, cognitive issues, mental health
  • health intervention – basic life support
  • health intervention – physiological measurements
  • personal and people development
  • health, safety and security
  • health, safety and security – duty of care
  • health, safety and security – safeguarding
  • health, safety and security – infection prevention and control
  • health, safety and security – moving and handling
  • equality and diversity

Customer Testimonial - Superdrug, Gail Hewitt, Apprenticeship Quality Manager

"I have just been reading your workbooks in the Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner Apprenti-kit and have some feedback for you. I thought they were brilliant! Well written and totally fit for purpose. I am really impressed with how they are set out and the signs and notices. I loved the welcome booklet and the topics covered and think we may have to share some of your expertise with our team members taking our retail qualification."

This Apprenti-kit is also available as an e-kit (please note that e-kits are subject to VAT). For more information on how you can purchase this kit, call us on 0845 226 0350/01302 363277 and speak to a member of the Account Management team, who will be happy to help. You can also get in touch by emailing sales@highfield.co.uk.

Please note: you will receive your Apprenti-kit(s) within 5 working days of your order being placed.


Level 2 Healthcare Support Worker Apprenti-kit £45.00
Level 2 Healthcare Support Worker Apprenti-kit PLUS £65.00

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Highfield’s Apprenti-kits support learners through a number of different delivery models whether it’s direct delivery, distance learning or a blended delivery model.

It should be used to support the
Level 2 Healthcare Support Worker Standard.

Plus, if you use e-portfolio, this Apprenti-kit is available as an e-kit (please note that e-kits are subject to VAT).

For more information, call us on 0845 226 0350/01302 363277 to speak to a member of the Account Management team who will be happy to help.