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Hygiene for Management (19th Edition)

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Food Safety - Level 4


  • Title: Hygiene for Management
  • Author: Richard A Sprenger
  • Pages: 480
  • ISBN: 978-1-910964-44-6
  • Illustrations: Full-colour illustrations & photos
  • Format: B5 hardback, dust jacket

Hygiene for Management is often referred to as the ‘bible’ by food safety professionals. It is the UK’s best-selling food hygiene book for managers, environmental health officers (EHOs), auditors, quality assurance (QA) staff and persons attending level 4 courses, and is now in its 19th edition.

Written by Highfield Chairman and renowned food safety guru Richard Sprenger, Hygiene for Management is undoubtedly the leading publication available that covers this subject area in depth.

It has undergone significant updates and a reorganisation since the previous edition, especially the first four chapters. This has resulted in a significant increase in content and 44 new pages have been added to the 19th edition.

Three new topics are covered within the textbook, which are:
• traceability and food fraud
• hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP)
• inspections/audits and third party standard

‘The idea of a textbook or a reference book seems outdated. Not so. First published in 1985 and constantly revised and updated Hygiene for Management graces our shelves now in its 19th edition. Richard Sprenger continues to produce a standard reference for food safety courses, a useful companion for those in food business for whom a practical knowledge of food safety is an essential part of daily life.’
Raymond Ellard
Director of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland

Hygiene for Management covers the following topics:
• an introduction to food hygiene, hazards and food poisoning
• food microbiology and food poisoning
• managing food safety in a food business
• managing controls and hazards
• the design and construction of food premises
• design and construction of equipment
• cleaning and disinfection
• pest management
• personal hygiene
• training and education of food handlers
• traceability and food fraud
• hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP)
• food safety legislation
• inspections/audits and third party standards


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A practical reference for managers and senior personnel employed in a food business. Also of particular interest to EHOs/EHPs, student EHOs/EHPs, college lecturers and persons attending Level 4 Food Safety courses. 

Ideal for use in conjunction with our Level 4 PowerPoint Training Presentation  

Update added in July 2017

Updates to the 19th Edition

This edition has been amended and updated to ensure that it continues to be the first choice course book for level 4 food safety courses. It provides managers, enforcement officers, trainers, auditors and consultants within the food industry with the latest information, statistics and food safety advice to enable them to contribute to the improvement of standards and the reduction of food posioning incidents.

It has also been reorganised into 14 chapters to provide a more logical flow and to remove the repetition introduced through earlier updates. The introduction, microbiological hazards, managing and controlling hazards and HACCP sections have been rewritten and new sections have been provided on the changing nature of food posioning, the principles of food hygiene, the parasites that affect food, microbiological testing, traceability, food fraud and recalls, third party standards and the organisations involved in food safety.

Hygiene for Management is the leading food safety book in the UK and the new style and content are intended to ensure it remains in this position. However, as the author regularly updates the text, the publishers would be pleased to receive any comments regarding omissions, or contributions or photographs that could be included in future editions of the book.

Update added in August 2015

18th Edition Updates

Several changes have been made to the new 18th Edition of Hygiene for Management. These key changes have been outlined in the addendum provided.