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The HACCP Handbook

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HACCP - Level 2 (Foundation)

The HACCP Handbook has been written as a standard text to support formal and in-house training courses. However, it will also be of considerable practical assistance to managers who need a basic understanding of HACCP and guidance on implementing a HACCP system to assist in complying with legal requirements.

  • Title: The HACCP Handbook
  • Author: Richard A Sprenger
  • Pages: 40
  • ISBN: 978-1-912633-06-7
  • Illustrations: Full-colour illustrations
  • Format: A5 firmback, gloss finish
  • Published: 2018, 7th Edition

 Foundation HACCP covers the following subjects:

  • Food safety management
  • Hazards
  • What is Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)?
  • Benefits of a HACCP system
  • Prerequisites for HACCP
  • The 7 principles of HACCP
  • The law relating to HACCP
  • The implementation of HACCP
  • Decision trees
  • Monitoring forms
  • Definitions

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Ideal for food handlers who have a foundation knowledge of food hygiene and require a basic understanding of HACCP. Ideal for formal Level 2 course and in-house courses.

Update added in April 2015

Level 2 HACCP Book Changes

The following information summarises the changes that have been made to the Level 2 HACCP Handbook:

Front Cover: The title of the book has been changed from The (Foundation) HACCP Handbook to the Level 2 HACCP Handbook.

Page 8: The first paragraph on this page now reads - Prior to the implementation of an effective HACCP system, a business must be operating in accordance with good hygiene practice or, in the case of factories, good manufacturing practice, and comply with all relevant food safety legislation. Management commitment and adequate resources will also be required. This will allow the business to concentrate on the specific hazards associated with their products and processes.

Page 33: The definition of Flow diagram has been changed to - A pictorial representation of the steps involved in a particular process.

Page 34: The definition of food poisoning has been changed to - Any disease of an infectious or toxic nature caused by the consumption of food or water. This includes all food and waterborne illness regardless of signs or symptoms, e.g. listeriosis.

The definition of Monitoring has been changed to - Observations or measurements to confirm the process is under control and the critical limit is not breached. Am I in control? Present tense.

Page 35: The definition of a Pathogen has been changed to - A disease causing organism.

The definition of Validation has been changed to - Obtaining scientific evidence that elements of the HACCP plan are effective, especially the critical control points and critical limits. Will I achieve control? Future tense” For example, validation could involve tests to ensure that the oven temperature and time allowed for cooking a turkey were sufficient to achieve the critical limit of 75ºC.