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The Essentials of Fire Safety Awareness

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Health and Safety - FIRE

Fire Awareness is an essential part of induction and awareness training. This booklet covers information that will help ensure that staff members understand what is required to keep themselves and their colleagues safe at work.

Author: Martin Wordsworth & Jayne Brookin

  • Pages: 18
  • ISBN: 978-1-912633-11-1
  • Illustrations: Full-colour illustrations
  • Format: A5 Paperback
  • Published: June 2018

Topics covered include:

  • Responsibilities
  • How do fires start?
  • Fire procedures
  • Action in the event of fire
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire prevention
  • Electrical safety
  • Good housekeeping

The booklet also includes a tear-out quiz, which can be kept in personnel files after completion.


1 copy £2.10
10-99 £1.30
100-499 £0.85
500-999 £0.75

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Ideal for induction and awareness fire safety training.

Update added in January 2019

Changes to page 13

An update has been made to page 13 of this publication.

The following note has been added after the fire extinguisher table and before the Fire Blankets sentence:

Note Specialist Dry Powders are required for Class D Metal Fires. 

Update added in January 2016

Changes to Page 7

The update that has been made to the second edition of this publication is that the reference at the bottom of page 7 has been changed to the following web publication: