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A Question of Licensing for Scotland (for servers and sellers of alcohol)

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Licensing - Scotland

An excellent resource for personal licence holders and trainers: A Question of Licensing for Scotland provides 2 hours of licensing training for staff who sell or serve alcohol (as required by Scottish law).

  • Title: A Question of Licensing for Scotland
  • Author: Nicola Baylis
  • Pages: 28
  • ISBN: 978-1-910964-98-9
  • Illustrations: Full-colour illustrations & photos
  • Format: A4 firmback, gloss finish
  • Published: February 2018, 5th Edition

It is also ideal for trainers to sell to Personal Licence Holders who will need to train their team when returning to site.

Topics covered include:

  • Scottish licensing law;
  • Powers of enforcement;
  • Licensed premises;
  • Protection of children and young people; and
  • Selling responsibility.

The book also includes a tear-out training record which can be used to demonstrate proof of training.


1 copy £6.30
2-24 £3.65
25-49 £2.85
50-99 £2.60
100+ £2.10

Please note: All prices are per unit and are exclusive of shipping. Prices quoted are for UK customers only. If you are a centre in the Middle East or Asia please contact your Centre Manager or email customerservices@highfieldinternational.com for further information.

Ideal for use by Personal Licence Holders and trainers.

Update added in August 2018

5th Edition Update

This addendum outlines the changes made to the 5th edition (February 2018) of this publication. 

Update added in June 2017

Addendum Update

The Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2015 has made changes to the Scottish licensing system, many of which came into force on 15 May 2017. This addendum outlines these changes.

Update added in January 2016

Revised Alcohol Consumption Guidelines

This document outlines the new alcohol consumption guidelines and their impact on this publication.