Level 2 Understanding Conflict Management Training Presentation
Level 2 (Foundation)

Do your staff know how to effectively resolve a conflict situation? Are they equipped with the skills to de-escalate an emotive situation and feel empowered to make the right choice?

This training presentation can be used by trainers and employers delivering a level 2 award in conflict management training course, or to provide relevant knowledge and skills in internal conflict management training sessions.

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Product overview

The Level 2 Understanding Conflict Management Training Presentation is an engaging resource for trainers. It is fully interactive and customisable, and is packed full of engaging imagery and illustrations. Group exercises and class questions encourage learners’ engagement.

Topics covered include:

  • communicate to solve problems and reduce potential for conflict
  • assess and reduce risks in conflict situation(s)
  • de-escalate conflict in emotive situations
  • use good practice after conflict situations and the key factors that influence human responses in conflict situations

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Product details
  • Title: Level 2 Understanding Conflict Management Training Presentation
  • Author: Chris Davies
  • Format: Digital Download
  • Published: 2nd Edition, July 2018



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