Level 3 HACCP in Manufacturing Training Presentation
Level 3 (Intermediate/Supervising)

This product has been re-developed to meet the learning outcomes and assessment criteria of the Highfield Level 3 Award in HACCP for Food Manufacturing.

The product covers the importance of developing HACCP-based procedures based on CODEX principles and the preliminary process for HACCP (steps 1-5 of the 12 logical steps), including prerequisite programmes, each of the 7 CODEX principles of HACCP and the role of the supervisor in implementing the system.


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Product overview

The product contains:

  • a fully interactive, editable presentation complete with illustrations and engaging imagery
  • tutor thumbnails and lecture notes
  • learner thumbnails
  • handouts
  • engaging group exercises and energisers

This presentation includes:

  • an updated design, content, terminology and build of the product to provide a more food-focused manufacturing basis for learners to relate to
  • an updated and new learner activities throughout the product (allowing trainers to select which they wish to use during the training session)
  • an updated module front trainer notes outlining the learning outcomes covered in the module, suggested timings and an outline of the activities included in the module, so that trainers can more easily plan their sessions
  • improved tutor notes that fully explain the relevance of the slides and suggest additional/alternative learner-centred activities that can be used to enhance the training experience and assist with learning
  • an optional module, briefly outlining examples of different hazards and controls (this section is identified with a * and can be used as pre-course work or where learners may not have sufficient underpinning food safety knowledge)
  • a reintroduction of a worked example of use of the CODEX decision tree, covering potential routes through the decision tree clearly and effectively

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Product details
  • Title: Level 3 HACCP in Manufacturing Training Presentation
  • Author: Richard A Sprenger
  • Format: Digital Download