Paediatric First Aid Training Presentation
Level 3 (Intermediate/Supervising)

Designed to complement a Paediatric First Aid training course, Highfield’s Paediatric First Aid Training Presentation is designed to engage, educate and inspire your learners.Full of photography, illustrations and written in an easy-to-follow style, this training presentation facilitates memorable classroom training for those undertaking a paediatric first-aid course.

Our first-aid training materials encourage learners’ engagement while offering a great value resource for tutors.

This fully interactive, editable presentation is packed with engaging imagery and illustrations and is ideal for delivering any level 3 paediatric first-aid course.

This product is provided as a digital download and upon purchase we will contact you regarding download instructions. You will receive your digital copy within one working day of your purchase being made.


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Product overview

The topics covered by this presentaton covers include:

  • first-aid kits
  • reporting accidents and incidents
  • your responsibilities
  • contacting the emergency services
  • primary assessment (child and baby)
  • recovery position
  • CPR (child and baby)
  • applying a dressing/sling

It also covers many common illnesses/conditions that may affect children and babies including:

choking, smoke/fume inhalation, asthma, electric shocks, anaphylactic shock, shock, wounds and bleeding, burns, concussion, cerebral compression and skull fractures, fainting, febrile seizures, epilepsy, diabetes, fractures, spinal injury, dislocations, soft tissue injuries, eye injuries, bites and stings, poisoning, meningitis, effects of heat and cold, croup.

The Highfield Promise: Our training presentations come with a 12-month Highfield promise, meaning if we update our tutor packs within 12 months of your purchase, we will send you the updated presentation absolutely free upon request.

Product details
  • Title: Paediatric First Aid Training Presentation
  • Authors: John Morley and Chris Sprenger
  • Format: Digital Download
  • Published: 7th Edition, January 2019
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