The Prevention and Control of Infection in Non-Health and Care Settings
Level 2 (Foundation)

The presentation incorporates the latest guidance for controlling COVID-19 (coronavirus) and encourages learner engagement while providing an excellent quality, great value-for-money resource for tutors.

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Product overview


  • a fully interactive, editable slide presentation complete with illustrations, exercises, and formative assessment
  • tutor thumbnails and lecture notes
  • learner thumbnails
  • handouts and ABCD template

The presentation covers the following topics:

  • Disease and the spread of infection - Microorganisms, infection, definitions, diseases including COVID-19, the chain of infection, causative agents, sources, transmission, way in/out and susceptible hosts
  • Infection prevention precautions - Personal/hand hygiene, effective hand washing, hand sanitisers and controlling COVID-19
  • The correct use of PPE, the management of spills and effective cleaning and disinfection
  • Managing waste - sharps
  • Managing and reducing the risk of infection and developing a positive infection prevention culture - management responsibilities
Product details

Title: The Prevention and Control of Infection in Non-Health and Care Settings Training Presentation

Format: Digital Download

Published: Ed.5 30 April 2020