In Safe Hands
Level 1 (Induction)
Food handlers must wash their hands regularly and effectively to minimise the risk of food poisoning and as an importance prerequisite for HACCP. However, many people fail to wash their hands correctly or as often as necessary. This short food safety video outlines the importance of why, when, what and how food handlers should wash their hands, and equally as importantly the importance of properly drying hands.

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Product overview

In Safe Hands is ideal to use as part of induction food safety and hygiene training and can be used as regularly as necessary.

The topics covered by this video include:

  • why hands must be washed
  • when hands must be washed
  • what hands should be washed with
  • how hands should be washed
  • the importance of drying hands


Product details
  • Title: In Safe Hands: Handwashing in Food Processing & Food Service
  • Producer:Richard A. Sprenger
  • Format: DVD
  • Duration: 8 minutes