Spot the Hazard
Level 2 (Foundation)
This video is a perfect training resource for those delivering food safety training, highlighting the many bad practices and hazards that are commonly found in food premises. Some of these hazards and obvious, some are much more difficult to spot, but each of them increases the risk of food poisoning.

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Product overview

Spot the Hazard places particular emphasis on the hazards of cross-contamination and temperature abuse. It is based on the generic stages of HACCP and includes the following sections:

  • food deliveries
  • storage
  • preparation
  • cooking and Cooling service
  • personal Hygiene

The DVD can be used in several different ways to assist in the delivery of effective training. It may be used:

  • as an interactive session at the end of a course in the form of a competition (allow at least 20 minutes).
  • during a hygiene lecture to promote discussion and enable lecturers to reinforce good hygiene practice (allow 30 minutes).
  • as an innovative refresher session to highlight bad practices and to stimulate discussion (allow up to 60 minutes).

The DVD is split into two sections. You will first be shown scenes from several catering situations, each one containing numerous hazards. You will then be shown the same scenes with the hazards highlighted. This enables you to assess how many were spotted.

DVD features:

  • chapter selection splits the film into hazards and answers for each topic
  • easy to recap and replay sections
  • works on virtually all DVD players and PC/laptop DVD drives
Product details
  • Title: Spot the Hazard
  • Producer: Richard A. Sprenger
  • Format: DVD
  • Duration: 20 to 60 minutes